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It's astonishing how one simple concept can blossom into something genuinely unique. Vulnerable Aid Organization is founded on the concept that we all have an inherent obligation to make a significant impact in our society. With a diversity of programmes and a big volunteer workforce, we use our expertise and resources to achieve our objectives.

In 2013, a group of students from Osu's School of Social Work traveled to certain areas for fieldwork as part of their diploma program and witnessed how rural people live in abysmal poverty. Aside from being impoverished, they are confronted with several societal issues such as open defecation, a lack of safe drinking water, a high percentage of illiteracy, adolescent pregnancy, a cholera epidemic, and so on.


To discover long-term solutions to these bottlenecks, students willingly participated in community awareness initiatives and linked communities to available relief resources. The students trained traditional leaders and other stakeholders to use district assemblies for development initiatives. As a result, the Vulnerable Aid Organization was established to assist alleviate the situation of vulnerable people in society. The organization was legally registered in Ghana in 2014. The organization's mission is to promote social change by empowering individuals in need, particularly those with disabilities, to improve their well-being.


VAO works to foster a vibrant local democracy in order to promote effective, transparent, and proactive service delivery, bridge the development divide between rural and urban areas, and achieve the highest level of social well-being in the country through sound and effective infrastructure and social development policies and practices. The organization aims to help individuals and communities satisfy their own needs.

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